2024 Monarch Conservation Webinar Series

Join us for a Monarch Conservation Webinar monthly throughout the 2024 calendar year! Every 4th Tuesday (3rd Tues May, Nov, Dec) at 1PM Central Time.


Tue, January 23, 2024 – Tue, December 17, 2024

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST


Virtual- Monthly on the 4th Tuesday (3rd Tuesday May, Nov, Dec)

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Stay connected with the latest monarch conservation topics by attending our free monthly webinars. This series is a unique opportunity to hear from experts across various interdisciplinary fields related to monarchs, other pollinators, their habitats, and the threats and pressures that make conservation urgent. Bring your questions and get ready to discover how you can get involved to protect monarchs. All webinars are one hour long and occur at 1:00 PM Central Time. Please note that scheduled webinars are subject to change. All past webinars are available to view; visit our webinar archive on the MJV website. - March 26: Monarchs 101: Back to Basics - April 23: Tri-National Monarch Conservation - May 21: Container Gardening for Pollinators - June 25: Milkweed and Floral Resource Availability for Monarchs in the United States: 8 Years of Integrated Monarch Monitoring Program Data - July 23: Monarch research and restoration highlights: Collaborations in the west - August 27: Climate and Pollinator Initiatives - September 24: Tracking Shifts in Food Availability for Monarchs and other Pollinators - October 22: Monarchs and the Military: MJV collaboration on Public Lands - November 19: AZA SAFE Monarch: Engagement and Conservation in Zoo and Aquariums - December 17: An Assessment of Native Seed Needs and the Capacity for Their Supply

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2024 Monarch Conservation Webinar Series

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